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Our mission

“Education is life itself!” – John Dewey, psychologist, philosopher, and American education reformer


Teachers make up a critical part of the academic journeys all children take. However, finding and allocating resources for teachers is a daily challenge faced by educational programs across the United States—especially in public schools. Since 2008, state K-12 education has been underfunded by billions of dollars every year (The American Federation of Teachers). Because of this lack of funding, supplies needed for learning are difficult to come by or completely non-existent.


The Knowledge Block serves to address this issue by offering support to educators in need. Through public donations and word-of-mouth fundraising, we provide teachers with necessary classroom materials and other resources so they can empower students and achieve their educational goals. The Knowledge Block sponsors educators exclusively, so if you are a teacher or know one who could use assistance, please contact us and together we can build a better future for students.

Your success is just a walk down our block!


our history

The Knowledge Block began in a college dorm room in the form of a hope. A hope that maybe, with a lot of hard work, a few devoted people could make an impact on how we think about and support education in our country.


We quickly realized that a few could not change this situation alone⁠—we would need help from the entire community. But a few could excite the passion for change needed to make this happen.


Aided by personal and private funds, religious organizations, and an immense amount of ambition, The Knowledge Block grew into what it is today: a non-profit that gives hope to educators and stands as a brand for positive change.

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