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maestro William henry curry

Maestro Curry has been a force when it comes to conducting, with guest appearances ranging from San Diego to Bangkok and Taiwan. His appearances are nothing short of informative and constructive, as the words he speaks come from years of experience and a depth of knowledge that few other current conductors could compare.

Regardless of accomplishments, the most amazing thing about Maestro Curry may be his love for his community and education. While sitting in the master class he gave to Will Jung, a sponsored teacher for Fall of 2019, one could not help but notice the age difference between him and the students he was approaching.

Despite this, Maestro Curry shared opinions and gave his story without hesitation, and explained why it was so important for them to not only play music, but to perform with emotion and excellence. Within two hours, jaws of the teachers and the Knowledge Block team were on the floor, as middle school children with not much experience under the belts played with a previously unseen intensity and conviction. Maestro Curry does not demand anything from the orchestra, but instead makes the players realize why the music deserves such dedication and passion.

Maestro Curry has been an amazing addition to the Knowledge Block Family, and will continue to give master classes and inspire students.

Maestro William Henry Curry is the former conductor of the North Carolina Symphony and the current conductor of the Durham Symphony. Maestro Curry fell in love with music in the 8th grade, and started his musical journey, studying scores and avariciously acquiring the techniques of the great conductors before him. At the age of 21, Maestro Curry was appointed to assistant conductor of the Richmond Chamber, and his career only grew from there. He has conducted the Baltimore Symphony, the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, and the Indianapolis Symphony. When Maestro Curry was not on the podium conducting symphonies, he was conducting for operas in New York City, Houston, Chicago, and the grammy nominated Opera X.

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