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Frequently Asked Questions 


Where do the supplies go? 

The Knowledge Block first verifies that all supplies are clean, sanitary, and safe. The Knowledge Block then works to source homes for our supplies, whether teacher's classrooms or student residences. 

Why does The Knowledge Block use Amazon? 

While Amazon as a company has recently been under scrutiny, The Knowledge Block has continuously found that Amazon provides the easiest methodology for our donors to purchase the supplies they feel are most needed. Amazon also has recently worked to ensure that lots of their supplies are sourced from small companies, and we work to ensure that items from small companies are on our lists as well. 

Can I buy from other locations?

Yes! The Knowledge Block encourages all of our donors to purchase and source supplies from areas that best speak to them. We do not publicize the address in which our supplies head to, directly message The Knowledge Block team at to get an address to ship your recently purchased donation too.

What kind of sanitary methods does The Knowledge Block follow? 

Supplies and donations will be wiped down with alcohol wipes and sanitary products upon entry and exit. Supplies are always stored in sanitary plastic containers until their departure to their new home. 


What are requirements with food donations? 

The Knowledge Block has the same requirements as our schools. Supplies must be sealed in original packaging, can not be home-made, must be completely void of peanuts, and for best usage please choose items with longer shelf-lives.  


Am I allowed to donate gently used items? 

The Knowledge Block is always willing to take in gently used items. Almost all of our calculators and computers are gently used! It is important to realize that The Knowledge Block may not accept your donation, as supplies that are beyond repair or visually well-used will not be donated. We work hard to ensure positivity and motivation for our students and their classrooms, and the biggest way we can do that as a community is by providing the best resources possible. 

Can I make a financial donation rather than purchasing an item through the list or from a store?


Yes,The Knowledge Block happily will accept financial donations! It should be noted that with financial donations we do lose some money due to credit card processing fees. The Knowledge Block works on an 80/20 system taking 80 percent of financial donations directly to our classrooms and students, while the remaining 20 percent is used for the companies mission. 


What are other ways we can support The Knowledge Block? 

The Knowledge Block is always looking for support! Whether you would like to volunteer your time, donate supplies, or even be one of our e-learning specialists we would love to have you on board. Message us at to learn more. 


The Knowledge Block is located in North Carolina - when will other states be involved? 

The Knowledge Block's hope is to expand all over the world, but our current mission is for our home state of North Carolina.


How do you find teachers and classrooms to sponsor? 

The Knowledge Block is always looking for teachers! Our selection process is based on socioeconomic factors, county demographics, as well as teacher commitment.

Can we recommend a teacher? 

Of course! Message The Knowledge Block team at to learn more about the process. 


I do not support the arts but support other areas of education, how can I donate to my areas of interest? 

The Knowledge Block works hard to ensure that donors feel particularly close to the students and teacher that they support. We encourage our donors to find missions and drives that speak to them and donate accordingly. It should be noted that we are always taking general supplies regardless of the current drives. These general supplies can include items such as computers, paper, pencils, and erasers among others.


Does The Knowledge Block partner with other organizations? If so how are those partnerships created? 

Yes, The Knowledge Block invites collaboration with both non-profit and for-profit companies to expand our community.


How do I volunteer for The Knowledge Block?

The Knowledge Block is run by volunteers! We are always looking for help, please fill out the volunteer form on our website.


Does The Knowledge Block provide tax receipts? 

The Knowledge Block is currently under review for non-profit status. Once our status has been approved, we will be able to issue tax receipts. 


I do not have children, why should I donate to The Knowledge Block? How will it benefit me? 

The Knowledge Block knows that you have several options when choosing a cause to support. When The Knowledge Block members think and ask themselves why they have dedicated so much time to our cause, it is because we feel that education is the largest barrier to our future's success. The world's next greatest artists, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, and teachers will come from these classrooms that we support. While you may not have children, you are certainly going to be affected by the education of the children around you, and you may never know how they support and change your life for the better! 


I currently cannot afford to donate, how else can I help? 

The Knowledge Block understands the burden financial donations can place on anyone, and we are always grateful for any support that we receive. One of the largest ways you can support The Knowledge Block is actually through social media! Please give us a like and a follow on all platforms!

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