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Frequently Asked Questions - COVID 19 Version   


What are the sanitary precautions due to the virus? 

All supplies are kept in original packaging

Supplies will be wiped down with alcohol wipes and sanitary products in order to keep them clean. 

We will ensure that products come from areas and stores where exposure to the virus did not occur. 


With school out of session, where do these supplies go? 


Teachers are still teaching! They will require supplies to help their classroom run smoothly 

Items include - curriculum planning calendars, calculators, softwares for E-learning, E-learning strategies and developmental resources. 


Giving supplies to students and their families who may not have access to certain school supplies, or enough money to feed their kids. 

Pencils, notebooks, snacks, calculator, cheat sheets for parents, and laptops.

There are more necessary items that need to be donated too! 

We will never say no to helping the community! But we do want our community to know we have included gift cards to grocery stores, and snacks to help feed our community during this time. 


How are you helping teachers in their new virtual environment?

The owning board of The Knowledge Block has team members that specialize in e-learning and instructional design through learning platforms via smartphones and computers. We are working on getting all the supplies and resources we have online to better serve our community. 


You say you are targeting students that do not have supplies at home, how do you do this? 

We still facilitate teachers to find our students. We hope that teachers will reach out to us and let us know if they know of students who are struggling to get the supplies necessary to ensure a successful educational experience during this time. 


How do you make deliveries and such? 

As long as shipping services are available - we will use shipping services. If shipping services are suspended we will drive supplies to teachers or to students with prior authorization being required to do so. 


I do not support Amazon - Can i get the supplies from other locations? 

Of course, order from anywhere you feel comfortable with, you can even message us to find out our shipping address for your supplies. 


I have purchased supplies from places other than amazon, or have gently used supplies, what are the necessary steps to get them to you?

Sanitize, put in a Ziploc bag, direct message the group for the address.  Ideally no human contact on the item, as little human contact as possible.  Also sanitize outside of the bag if possible.

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